The Death With Dignity Act Essay

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The Death with Dignity Act has been and remains a focal point for ethical, legal, and medical debate. The states ' departments of health enforce compliance with the law. Compliance requires physicians to report all prescriptions to the state. Physicians and patients who comply with the law are protected from criminal prosecution. Physicians and health care systems are not obligated to participate in the Death with Dignity laws.
Since the death with dignity act was approved so many people have taken advantage of it, one of the most famous cases on this act was in 2014 the case of Brittany Maynard. Brittany was a 29 year old woman who was diagnosed with brain cancer after she had been suffering from continuous debilitating headaches. She mentions that after her diagnosis, her life completely changed she lived in and out of hospitals undergoing very painful procedures to stop the growth of the tumor, her diagnosis took place in December but in April 2014 her doctor had not very good news, her tumor had not only come back but it was in a more aggressive type of form so he gave her an estimate of 6 months to live. The doctor said that she would had to do brain radiation but Brittany started to read about the side effects of this procedure and she saw that some of them was third degree burn on her skull tissue. Her and her family started doing research about alternative treatments that would help her with the aggressive tumor but for her and her family’s surprise there was no…

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