The Death With Dignity Act Essay

1003 Words Nov 11th, 2015 null Page
Should physicians be authorized to provide lethal prescriptions to terminally-ill patients who have chosen to end their life rather than suffer through their illness? “The greatest human freedom is to live, and die, according to one 's own desires and beliefs. From advance directives to physician-assisted dying, death with dignity is a movement to provide options for the dying to control their own end-of-life care”. The Death with Dignity Act is a controversial bill that allows for the legal self-euthanasia of a mentally competent, terminally-ill adult patient who otherwise would not recover from their illness. To some people this can bring much relief, but to others it is seen as inhumane and conflicts with religious views. Three states have enacted the Death with Dignity laws, Oregon, Washington, and Vermont. Since Oregon Death with Dignity Act became a law in 1997, 752 patients have participated in physician assisted death. Although, 400 more people have received the medication but choose not to take it. Death with Dignity has many positives such as helping prevent economic troubles for the family, gives a patient the ultimate relief alleviating them from their suffering, and most importantly letting them die with dignity and not with their mental or physical capacities taken from them by their illness. Those against it feel differently. For example, many see it as being a form of homicide or killing of a patient, a family member or friend could persuade a patient into…

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