The Death With Dignity Act Essay

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A hot topic for American’s today is whether or not assisted suicide, also know as “Death with Dignity Act” or assisted death, should be legalized in the United States. There are three sides to this argument. The first side is people, like me, who base their decision on religion and think that no one should decide when they should die; only the good Lord has that authority. The second side is people, like everyone in my group, that think that when someone is suffering, no matter what, they should decide for themselves when they want to die. The third, and final, side is people who are neutral and have no opinion. About 40% of our country takes the side of believing that people, even legally done under a physician, should not have the to choose their death. Some even go as far as defining it as a crime. Religious conservatives oppose assisted suicide on the foundation of their beliefs about the value of life and the meaning of suffering. People should value their life, even if they are suffering, because I believe God has a plan beyond the pain that it would face. If assisted suicide is legalized, think of controversial case going on right now with Michelle Carter. Michelle Carter pressured her boyfriend, Roy Conrad III, to commit suicide for almost a week before he actually did. She encouraged him to overcome his fears and researched methods of committing suicide quietly and after it was all over she lied to everyone, including the police and his family, about…

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