The Death With Dignity Act Essay

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Laying in bed knowing that you are going to lose control of your body and mind. Also knowing that you are going to be burden to your family. Is that really the life you want to live? Many people would agree that is not a life worth living, as a fellow human being I would agree with them. A life full of hospital beds, pain, and knowing that my sanity days are counted. It is just cruel. On October 27 1997 Oregon passed the death with dignity act, which allows terminally ill Oregonians to end their life through the voluntary self administered lethal mediation. Later on Washington and California pass the smillair law. As a Kantian deontologist I should be opposed to the idea of the dying with dignity act yet
Kant was opposed to suicide as an escape, Kant always saw people with a mission to help other other but once you take your own life away that goes away. It feels like kant never thought about people who were dying from a terminal illness back in people would die from a common cold. There was no science that would longer a person lifespan like there is now. The world is overpopulated of people who should have died a while back but are alive because of the science there is now. We have people who dying in their death bed getting pumped with with radiation to kill cancer cells. Then if that does not work the cancer will come back stronger and faster. So then having 6 months to live, that person may have only a couple of weeks to live. And those couple of weeks will be living…

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