Essay about The Death With Dignity Act ( Maynard )

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Brittany Maynard was twenty-nine when she was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumor. “I can’t even tell you the amount of relief that it provides me to know that I don’t have to die the way that it has been described to me that my brain tumor would take me on its own. (Compassion Choices) ” She was told that she had roughly six months to live, as the cancer had developed to stage four rapidly. Upon hearing how much suffering the cancer would cause her as it took over her body, she decided to move to Portland, Oregon and receive a prescription through the Death with Dignity act (Maynard).
Brittany had recently married and was looking forward to starting a family. She also had the intention of becoming a teacher. Since discovering her cancer, she has been living out the remainder of her life traveling, spending time with her family and friends, and working to legalize assisted suicide in every state. As a person who suffers from a terminal illness, she believes that the choice of how to die should be placed in the hands of those who are suffering. She finds it completely unfair that countless citizens don’t have access to assisted suicide (Maynard).
Is Brittany Maynard right? Should all Americans have access to assisted suicide? More importantly, should assisted suicide be legalized in the state of Idaho? Assisted suicide is a controversial topic with theology, psychiatry, and philosophy at the root of the debate (Tomasini). Everyone has a stance on what is right. It is…

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