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The Death Penalty

Would you just let your sibling get the death penalty?The death penalty is an unjust to the innocent people that get put in it,It is cruel because the death penalty consists of you getting injected and just dying and its costly because they spend money that can be spent in other places it’s just a bad way of punishing criminals.

Of course, The death penalty is unjust because they are killing some innocent people.In the article it states that” The Death Penalty is unjust and costlyThere have been many cases where death penalties have been given to innocent people and there will probably be more to come, given the fact that many are based on testimony. Overall I think the death penalty is fair for people who have
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It is not their fault how they are born. Instead of throwing them in jails or death penalty i think that they should be put in hospitals.

Certainly, this is very costly to us and the government its money being spent wrong. Its costly because the government takes money from our pockets to put them in jails and keep them in jail.In the article it states that The cost of the death penalty is extraordinary. California has spent more than $4 billion administering the death penalty since 1978, or more than $300 million per person for each of the 13 people who have been executed since the death penalty was reinstated.
Conversely, it costs approximately $200,000 to $300,000 to convict and sentence an individual to life without the possibility of parole.“All this money is being wasted on unnecessary jails. They are taking our money to put it in jails when we can be putting it in to schools or public places for kids and people.Finally, what i am trying to prove is that it is messed up and cruel to put somebody on death penalty. Nobody can choose your faith. Nobody has the right to choose at what time you die.

On the other hand, Opponents of this might say that there should be a death penalty. They think this way because they want people to pay for their crimes. They want revenge for their family members. They think that if you end someone’s life your life should be ended too.

In conclusion, what i am trying to prove is that the death

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