Essay about The Death Penalty Should Not Exist

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Months of court hearings and testimonies have come to this. The crowd falls silent at the sound of footsteps. The family members hold their breaths, and the lawyers sit up. The man himself stares forward silently, eyes unseeing as the jurors file back into the room, his life in their hands. If he is African American, they will be more likely to convict. Should he receive the ultimate sentence, he will likely be executed by lethal injection, an uncertain combination of chemicals that may be torturous. And even after all that, there is still a chance that he is innocent. The death penalty has been possibly the most controversial part of the American legal system since its reinstatement in 1976. Though some believe it is only fitting retribution, others feel that execution is unethical under any circumstances. Moral issues aside, there is still compelling evidence that the death penalty should not exist. Capital punishment should be illegal in the United States due to the cruelty of the process, racial prejudice, and the uncertainty of convictions.
The method of execution used for capital punishment – though supposedly designed to prevent pain – is a form of cruel and unusual punishment, which is expressly prohibited by the eighth amendment. While the electric chair, gas chamber, and firing squad are still legal execution methods in a few states, lethal injection is by far the most widely used process for implementing the death penalty. Execution by lethal injection is…

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