The Death Penalty Should Not Be Legal Essay

1502 Words Mar 21st, 2016 7 Pages
Death Penalty When arguing the death penalty, many people want a way to get back at the person for committing the crime. People never think about why the person committed the crime, maybe it was a mental illness. Others never understand the expenses of having someone put on death row instead of being sentenced to life in prison. On average taxpayers pay about 250 million dollars for each execution, but with life in prison taxpayers pay about 90,000 dollars more a year to house an inmate with life in prison. Others argue whether the crime is a capital punishment or not, basically meaning they either deserve to die in prison or they get put on death row waiting for a death date. If someone was put to death after committing a crime, should the court system be able to reopen the case to see if the person was actually innocent or proven guilty? One of the main reasons people die on death row is because seventy-two percent of people misidentify the person who did the crime. Another reason people are put on death row is because twenty-seven percent of people are pressured into confessing; they are being hassled into believing they are the ones who actually committed the crime. Capital punishment is definitely appropriate because it provides a strong deterrence or threat against crimes that could be committed in the future; also it protects; victims, future victims and everyone benefits from it. Here are a few reasons as to why the death penalty is appropriate. The first reason…

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