Essay on The Death Penalty Should Not Be Biased

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The death penalty differs throughout the different states depending on the most prominent beliefs of that specific state. Our democracy should strictly regulate the death penalty and its administration among all fifty states. By regulating the death penalty those accused and eligible for capital punishment will be able to have the most fair trial possible.

The administration of the punishment is an important factor in the entire death penalty. Regulating the way the administration could lead to the states being held less accountable for any mistakes made. The death row inmates often challenge administration and protocol of the execution rather than the constitutionality of the execution itself (Litton 333). When the federal government regulates something all states have to abide by it and the administration of whichever method chosen will work better.

The decision regarding whether or not the person is guilty should not be biased because of race or other affiliations. Specific groups tend to have unfair trials. African Americans have been constant targets of unfairness in death penalty cases throughout history. The south seems to have been a big role in setting up an unjust system for African Americans and some believe it will be very difficult to actually get rid of the racial discrimination shown in most capital cases (Acker 177). As race continues to be a problem in society there is no promise that the accused person’s race will not affect the way the decision turns…

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