The Death Penalty Should Be Legal Essay

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In today 's society should the death penalty still be acceptable? In my honest opinion, I do not think the death penalty should still be legal. Morally and in my faith, I do not see how twelve people on a single jury and the final confirmation of the judge should seal the fate of a person. I see value in all life, so if the person on trial did something so vile, so violent, they should just sit in their cell to think about what they have done. Death is too easy; if the prosecution team in the courtroom does their job right, that person will never get out. Death row should not be legal even for the worst of us.
There has been a current arrest of “El Chapo,” the leader of the world 's largest drug ring. They have transferred “El Chapo” from Mexico to Chicago for his trial. The legal system is not fair and not equal to all persons. For instance “Guzmán’s defense team is hoping for one of two outcomes, Rodríguez said. In one, U.S. authorities would offer a plea deal in which Guzmán could serve his time in a medium-security prison in exchange for a guilty plea and his cooperation. The other would be house arrest, a possibility under Mexican law if the extradition process drags on for at least 11 more years, when Guzmán turns 70” (Joshua Partlow, Washington Post” ). The fact of the matter is that even though El Chapo’s crimes fit the punishment of the death penalty, his lawyers are confident that he will all but walk. If his lawyers can get him to a medium security prison, then…

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