The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished Essay

1470 Words Apr 28th, 2016 null Page
The death penalty should be abolished in America in 2016. The death penalty is giving America a cruel image to the public and is making America a self-centered country. A civilian’s job would consist of executing Americans, for a capital crime, that they may, or may have not committed. A tourist could be turned away at the fact that we use the government to corrupt the inmates by putting them through torture for a crime that they possibly did not commit. The death penalty can put innocent people at risk. The race also plays a huge factor contributing to the death row or executions of a civilian’s life. The death penalty can be racially and economically discriminated against. Capital punishment, death penalty or execution is government allowed punishment of death. The sentence is referred to as a death sentence. Crimes that can result in a death penalty are known as capital crimes or capital offenses. Although many nations have abolished capital punishment, over 60% of the world 's population live in countries where executions take places, such as China, Pakistan, and the United States. Execution of criminals has been used by nearly all civilizations to punish crime. In most countries that practice capital punishment, it is reserved for murder. In some countries, sexual crimes, such as rape, adultery, carry the death penalty. The purpose of this is that the death penalty discriminates against race, also, Americans are falsely accused of crimes, and it changes the way other…

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