The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished Essay

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Defeating the Death Penalty Capital punishment is a theory that, when put into practice, does not achieve its conceptualized objectives. Despite what many people believe, the death penalty does more harm than it helps, and a more suitable option would be life in prison without parole. There are several reasons why the death penalty should be abolished in favor of life in prison without parole, including the cost, possible innocence, unfairness, ineffectivity, and the sheer hypocrisy of it.
The cost of the death penalty is staggering and the money is not used efficiently. Trials for capital punishment cases alone cost an average of $620,932, roughly eight times the cost of a non-capital trial (Dieter). Tax dollars paying for death penalty trials have ultimately ended up going to waste. Furthermore, in New Jersey, citizens have paid $253 million in tax dollars for capital punishment trials since 1983, but none of the 197 convicted were actually executed (Barnes). Those millions of dollars were wasted because the condemned had not suffered any punishment. There is no point in paying so much money for a sentence that will not be carried out. In addition to high trial costs, keeping the prisoners on death row is extremely expensive. On average, it costs $90,000 more per year to keep a criminal on death row than to house them with the general population (“The Hidden Death Tax”). That expense is coupled with the fact that in 2011, the average time between the verdict and…

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