Essay about The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

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Throughout history capital punishment, also known as the death penalty has been a form of punishment that has been imposed upon criminals who have committed the most heinous of all crimes. The use of capital punishment is highly controversial among the nations of the world today. There have been many movements in the EU during recent years to put an end to capital punishment worldwide. In the mean time, there are nations around the world who feel as though their communities and legal systems benefit from the use of the death penalty. Many of the arguments as to why the death penalty should be abolished are simply invalidated by the clear positive impacts that the use of this punishment has on the nations that use it. The death penalty not only acts as a deterrent to crime, it also provides a sense of closure and justice for suffering victims and their families. Although some argue that there might be a few minute drawbacks that come with the use of the death penalty, the benefits and the service of justice clearly outweigh them in the end.
For centuries the death penalty, otherwise known as “capital punishment” has been used as a deterrent of crime. In recent years, the EU (Europa) has taken steps towards abolishing the death penalty as its politically viewed as inhuman and cruel. The EU withholds the title of being the Lead Institutional Actor in the abolishment of the death penalty and stands to be the only region in the world where the death penalty is at a lack of use…

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