The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished Essay

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The Death Penalty should be Abolished A great controversial debate is currently happening in America, and it seems to never stop being so prolonged and tiresome. The debate is over one of the most grueling punishments to be ever held for criminals for quite a while- the death penalty. The death penalty is an endangerment to anybody that wants to make good use of their life and must be abrogated as soon as possible. People who receive the death penalty statement, are to be executed for their extreme wrongdoings. However, nobody should get the death penalty for a variety of reasons. For one, there is a chance that those people may be innocent, and could accidentally be killed as a result of the death penalty. Another is the “eye for an eye” phrase is cruel to society, as it does lead to more people dying, using the death penalty as “retribution”. One more reason to not accept the death penalty is the belief that it will deter crime, when in actuality, it only causes more trouble. Last but not least, the death penalty brings about economic issues that are negligible to states. The death penalty is certainly a contentious law that deserves to have a complete end to itself for the sake of society.
Killing off a living being, let alone a human being, is not a right that absolutely no one has in the world. However, since we do this regardless, there are heavy costs and deep considerations to keep in mind when a person is about to be killed. An example of what the death penalty…

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