Essay on The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

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Death Penalty
The death penalty, it originated as far back as the eighteenth century in the era of B.C (before Christ) in the code of King Hammurabi the sixth king of the Amorite First Dynasty of Babylon, assumed the throne from his father, Sin-Muballit, in ancient Mesopotamia. Therefore, making the death penalty available for 25 different crimes. It was also part of the fourteenth century B.C Hittite code, seventh century B.C Draconian code of Athens, which made the only punishment for all crimes committed to be punishable only, by death. There were many types of execution style crucifixion, drowning, beat to death, burn you alive, impalement, and then the most known style, hanging. Let’s take hanging for example shall we, in the tenth century A.D hanging was the formal type of execution in Britain. By the seventeenth hundred minor crimes were punishable by death, for example, stealing, cutting down certain tree’s, and stealing a rabbit warren. The result of these minor offenses, it was brought up, to reform the death penalty. Later it was abolished, the following centuries, William the conqueror would not allow persons to be hanged or executed for any crime, except in time of war. Many countries abolished it; but, that was just the beginning. The death penalty in America; ironically, Britain influenced America’s use of the death penalty more than any other country. It all began when the European settlers came to the new world, which is now the United States. They brought…

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