Essay on The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

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"To take a life when life has been lost is revenge, not justice," once expressed Desmond Tutu, a prominent social rights activist in the 1980s. This brief statement perfectly exemplifies the injustice of capital punishment. Whether or not execution should be inflicted upon even the most notorious criminals is a controversial topic in today 's society. The one constant in our law system will always be that justice must be served under all circumstances. How can our country possibly have the death penalty as a punishment then? Considering these facts, the death penalty should undoubtedly be abolished seeing that its costs are extremely high; its intentions do not decrease crime; it has been proven to be discriminatory, and most importantly, it does not comply with human rights, dignity, and natural law.
First and foremost, the expenses of executing this type of punishment are towering and unnecessary, due to the fact that they should meet others issues. Instead of imposing this punishment upon criminals, law enforcement should address more important points, such as giving justice to the families of victims through counseling and financial aid. According to Equal Justice USA (2011) the state of Maryland spent 186 million dollars to kill five people, and California wasted over an alarming four billion dollars to enforce capital punishment dating back to 1978. It has to be a prolonged process because it would require more law enforcement officials and an elongated case…

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