The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished Essay

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Capital Punishment is the practice of executing someone as a punishment for a crime they have committed. Suitably, it is often referred to as the Death Penalty. This form of punishment can be dated back to (remove?) almost four thousand years in the Code of King Hammaurabi, and is often reserved for the most detestable of crimes such as murder, terrorism, and high treason. Currently, about 140 countries around the world have abolished the Death Penalty, and although 57 countries impose this sentence, less than 30 practice it regularly. One can see, that as time passes, the morals and values of human societies change, this in turn changes the laws that govern our very societies, and as well as the punishments for breaking those laws correspondingly. Therefore, on the basis of it not deterring crime, being costly, and immoral, the death penalty should be abolished everywhere, for all crimes.
To begin with, the death penalty is fundamentally flawed as it does not deter serious crimes such as murder. It is does not deter serious crimes because no current data exists to prove otherwise exists, and because crimes like murder are committed when people are not in a rational state-of-mind. First off, a study conducted in the United States by the Federal Bureau of Investigations, revealed that states that have the Death Penalty have 48% to 101% higher homicide rates than states without. For example, in 2011 Iowa, a non-death penalty state, had 46 murders, compared to…

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