The Death Penalty Of The United States Essay example

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Research paper According to, 8032 people were sentenced to death in the United States between 1977 and 2012. While I do agree with receiving positive and negative consequences for the choices that individuals make, there are other factors that contribute for the death penalty to be considered. Tax dollars spent (financial interests), the golden rule (moral interests) and racial inequities (judicial prejudice) need to be considered. Does the victim’s race affect the likelihood of the convicted criminal receiving the death penalty? In the article Death Penalty Information Center it states that since 1976 the race of victims murdered by those on death row have been 55.8% white (Caucasian), 41.9% were African Americans and 2.3% were found to be another race. In 1990, the United States General Accounting Office said that in 82% of studies evaluated, the victim was able to sway the likelihood of being sentenced with capital murder and acquiring the death penalty. In essence, the study showed that those who murder caucasians are more likely to get put on death row than those who murder African Americans. This disparity needs to be rectified if we are to consider the death penalty a just and equal punishment. According to the death penalty info, it costs California taxpayers over $90,00 per year to house an inmate on death row. This money provides these inmates with their own private cell, healthcare and an extra guard instead of a general prison. It…

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