Essay The Death Penalty Of The United States

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Death penalty

The crime is capital murder. After months of deliberations the jury has reached a decision. The sentence is Death. Many would argue that the punishment fits the crime, a life for a life. Others are strongly convinced that the death penalty is reckless, inhumane and unjust and that it should be abolished. What about you? Let’s consider some facts regarding death penalty in the United States to help you decide. The death penalty has been in existence in America since the early 1600s. The colony of Virginia has the first recorded execution in 1608 when Captain George Kendall was executed for being a spy. Soon after other colonies supported the death penalty, however, not all were in support of it and the laws regarding it varied from colony to colony. Attempts were even made to abolish the death penalty during the abolitionist movement in the late 1700s. As more states united to form the United States of America they still remained separate regarding the subject of the death penalty. Laws regarding the use of it continued to vary from state to state. The Supreme Court heard various cases regarding criminals sentenced to death in an effort to fine tune the way states administered the death penalty. This began in the late 1960s and resulted in a suspension of the death penalty for a period of ten years. During this period many death row inmates had their sentences suspended. However, in 1976 the Supreme Court voted to reinstate the death penalty.…

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