The Death Penalty Of The United States Essay

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The death penalty in the United States can be seen through the eyes of every

individual differently. For me the topic is very true to its nature if you did the crime you

must pay the ultimate price. So for my analysis on a stakeholder I choose the justice

system, simply because they are the ones behind the scenes who must decide what is right

or wrong in every case that comes to their desk. I will discuss the pros and cons that

come along with the justice system. Bias or not really think hard about how this has

affected the Justice system and the facts that go along with how decisions are made.

The pros for the Justice system is it constitutes a right to us Americans, where we

can at that point have a say in how we go about determining what is right for the

accuser. The first amendment which states, “…freedom of speech…”() giving us the

chance to convey how we feel about certain subjects such as the death penalty and

the justice system that makes up those decisions. Other aspects as well we do have

the jury who is randomly selected into making up decisions that are based on

evidence given. Although the evidence is through the justice system we as

Americans are able to speak our minds. As one article stated, “ Jury service in a

capital case is an enormous responsibility and jurors generally take the

responsibility quite seriously.” () This right here allows you as a person behind the

scenes to think about how serious of a…

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