The Death Penalty : Lethal Injection, Firing Squad, Hanging, Electric Chair, And Gas Chamber

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In today’s society the death penalty is viewed as an immoral thing that a human can do too another human while playing God. In the State of Florida, the Supreme Court has ruled out the death penalty too minors and offered them a life sentence or early release on parole. They believe that it is unjust for a person too be in prison as a minor and receive the death penalty that is a long process in the United States. As an average person being Christian or not you would see the death penalty as a way of moral wrong since God is the only one that may choose when you live or die. Therefore, the United States government makes sure that the accused murder suspect is thoroughly the criminal before the State can formerly execute a person. Our laws are too protecting the government from any errors and execute someone in a not cruel sort of way. In the United States we have several forms of the death penalty: Lethal Injection, Firing Squad, Hanging, Electric Chair, and Gas Chamber. In the medieval era the form of execution was butcher chopped that in modern terms would have been cruel and unusual. In my opinion, I would oppose the death penalty because based on my religious belief the death penalty is a moral sin and in the contrary the criminal is not suffering for his actions. In my case my brother was murdered by a drunk driver seven years ago and his killer was given a manslaughter sentence. If he would have been given the death penalty maybe my mother would have disagreed with the…

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