The Death Penalty Is Not The Most Efficient Or Wholesome Way For America

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Whether it is a minor or major crime, there is always a punishment not far off. Depending on how extreme the crime, determines the punishment. Different cultures throughout time have had various methods of punishment. Often punishments were determined by the towns people. As cultures have progressed, governments have taken full control in deciding their citizen’s punishment. Many times, the phrase “the punishment does not fit the crime” is accurate. Too harsh of sentences can be part of the justice system. One punishment that is too extreme is the death penalty. The death penalty is not the most efficient or wholesome way for America to punish its high-crime criminals. Although the death penalty viewed as unethical, many believe that it is a beneficial part of society. Because of the intimidation factor, many possible criminals can fear the death penalty. However, this fear is not the only reason people support the death penalty. Since this is a known law in America, people are aware that there is a possibility of being put to death when they commit their crimes. They still commit crimes regardless of the death penalty. This being said, it does not come as a surprise when certain criminals are put to death ("List of 10 Biggest Death Penalty Pros and Cons”). Unfortunately, not all people were aware they would be receiving the death penalty. Often in the past, many people have been wrongly given the death penalty. These people were wrongly put to death and accused of…

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