The Death Penalty Is Not A Valid Form Of Punishment Essay

1413 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
Is killing people human? Is taking the life of another an acceptable thing in society? That’s how people go to the chair and sit there to rot correct? Then why do we still have the death penalty in the United States? For years the country has been in a heated debate on whether the death penalty is really a valid form of punishment. Problem with the death penalty being an option of punishment is in fact, that most people sent to death sit there for years on end. Moreover, the argument of financial is coming into question. The action of actually executing an inmate is costly. Finally, there is the debate on the innocent being killed but also the thoughts that other countries have on our methods of punishment. The death penalty can be traced to the beginnings of when the United States was first created. Over the years many forms of execution have been deemed immoral and taken away. From firing squad to lethal injection, the evolution of execution methods has been driven by the “desire to bring about the most efficient and humane way of carrying out executions.” (“Methods of Execution”, 2008). This in return has led to new inventions and creations to kill felons. According to How to Kill a Human Being (2008) lethal injection is a chemical that was created to numb, paralyze, and stop the heart using three kinds of drugs in combination. Like every form of execution this too has its cons, since doctors are under oath to do no harm they cannot administer the drug which in reality…

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