The Death Penalty Is Morally Wrong Essay

1617 Words Dec 6th, 2016 7 Pages
Today, most if not all societies rebuke the killing of another person, however, many of these same places condone the death penalty for those criminals who have committed horrendous acts. Although it seems to be universally true that murder is wrong, there are societies that view the death penalty as being an acceptable form of murder. The question then arises whether killing in certain cases can be justified. Those in favor of the death penalty commonly turn to anger as being a justifiable reason to the death penalty while those opposed to capital punishment hold strong to the belief that killing, no matter who is doing it or why is always wrong. Murder, in all cases, is morally wrong because it robs the victim of their human dignity which is universally viewed as being a right for everyone as well as murder is harmful to the orderly societies we have created. When it comes to cases of killing in self-defense, killing should still be viewed as wrong, however, you have a duty to defend yourself as failure to do so neglects your own dignity. If faced with a life-threatening situation where someone holds a gun to your head then you are morally justified to defend yourself. However, one should try to do all that is possible to stop or harm their assailant but also do their best to not kill them. If you kill them you are morally wrong but should not face punishment due to the circumstances. Therefore, if we want to teach that killing is morally wrong, we must not make any…

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