The Death Penalty Is Justified Essay

1090 Words Oct 14th, 2015 null Page
“If it bleeds, it leads,” is the motto of many mainstream media outlets as stories of murder and rape fill the headlines and bylines. Interest in these topics tends to build up and generate discussion, especially when it comes to the morality of the transgressor’s sentence and possible capital punishment. People take different sides of the issue, with one side saying that the death penalty is justified because it is a deterrent against further murders. However, the current system of capital punishment is stricken with flaws and should be abolished because it preys on minorities and has a unacceptable record of killing innocent people.
America is known for its racial history and tensions that divide the country to this day and is also known as the only western country that still upholds the death penalty. In an investigation done by the United Nations, UN investigator of human rights Bacre Waly Ndiae said that the death sentence is characteristically racist and, “particularly serious in southern states, such as Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Texas, known as the 'death penalty belt” (“Capital Punishment around the World”). These states, according to the U.S. national census, where less than one third of the population is reported to be Hispanic or African American, have over fifty percent of the death row inmates (“Capital Punishment: Cruel and Unusual”). Here, minorities are grossly overrepresented and have a higher chance of receiving the death…

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