Essay on The Death Penalty Is Justified

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Capital punishment is often considered morally acceptable due to society’s belief in the law of retaliation. Thirty-one states still have the death penalty as a form of punishment, and the “eye for an eye” mentality does not seem to be fading with time. This government-sanctioned execution is widely supported due to a variety of misconceptions, including: the death penalty costs less, lowers crime rates, and is a fair form of justice. These beliefs permeate American society, and many will cite these judgments as reasoning to continue the use of lethal injections. However, these are simply untrue. The death penalty is, simply, a cruel and unusual punishment that should be removed from the American justice system due to its ineffectiveness, moral wrongness, and unavoidable biases. When confronted with the death penalty, the cost seems simple. The death penalty has to be more economically beneficial, as it’s getting rid of the criminal, rather than housing them with taxpayers’ money. However, the cost is not as simple as it appears, as the death penalty comes with hidden costs. Not only does the death penalty require jumping through legal loopholes and increased use of appeals and court-issued lawyers, but it also costs just as much to house the criminals on death row due to the fact that death row has become very similar to a life sentence in terms of how long the criminal is behind bars (“Capital Losses”). The 2015 Execution List reveals that of the 28 inmates…

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