Essay on The Death Penalty Is Justified

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The death penalty must be abolished in all fifty states in America because killing someone who murdered another person is doing the exact same action that led to their imprisonment. Essentially it’s a justified, some may argue purposeful, murder that is widely accepted in our society. As of 2013, “sixty one percent say the death penalty is morally acceptable” (Jones, Jeffrey, View Death Penalty as Morally OK unchanged in US)
The death penalty is a cruel and inhumane way of treating other humans, no matter how bad the crime. Tax payers pay more to keep a criminal on death row than to keep a criminal imprisoned for their whole life. The death penalty is often ineffective, due to the amount time it takes to sentence the inmates, which often depends on age, race or religion, and the crime committed. Violence is downplayed now as a result of violent video games and regular violence being shown and talked about in the media: the normalization and acceptance of violence has led to the acceptance of this act.
Racial discrimination is a widely ignored issue when it comes to the issues surrounding the death penalty. African American on African American and African America on Caucasian crimes both receive much different sentences, solely due to the fact of the person’s race, ethnicity, and religion. “White privilege” or white supremacy as it is commonly known, has always been an issue in the American court system. Police brutality is a very recent and ongoing example of white…

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