Essay about The Death Penalty Is Justified

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Why should we determine when a person should die? The death penalty is a capital punishment that is legal in the U.S for federal crimes like murder, treason and espionage. The death penalty existed long before the U.S. was even a country and dates back as far as the code of Hammurabi. The death penalty, however, is only legal in some states. According to the federal government, the death penalty is completely legal, but it should be considered a cruel and unusual punishment and, therefore, a violation of the 8th amendment because it kills innocent people and promotes more death.
One example of how the death penalty violates the 8th amendment is shown through the innocent people that have been wrongly executed, increasing the rate of executions. According to Dick Foster in the Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO), “lawyers’ actions that surfaced in Texas included sleeping during the trial, appearing with alcohol on their breath and requesting cases from judges to whom they made reelection campaign contributions. A study of the Texas system revealed that defense lawyers in one-third of most recent 131 death penalty were later disciplined. In 40 cases, the lawyers presented one or no witnesses on appeal”(Document 2). The statement made by Foster reveals how poorly the people of Texas are being represented. Let’s not forget that Texas is a state where the death penalty is legal and it’s a place where the most people are executed using the death penalty. When convicted of a murder,…

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