The Death Penalty Is Cruel Essay

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As the majority of American are disciplined and civilized, the dark side of the society is always obscured by the good humanity and atmosphere in America. Idealizing this society, many people overlook depravity and feel that criminals should be given rehabilitation for wrong-doing. However American society is full of horrific crimes for which those brutal criminals are deserved to be executed. In 2007, one of the notorious crime of The Cheshire, Connecticut, home invasion murders occurred. Two murders Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes raped and burned alive the Petit family. Russell Peeler, killed his 8 years old kid as a witness of a crime he committed; Todd Rizzo, used a sledgehammer to beat to death a 13 year old boy to know what it felt like. Committing vicious crimes, those criminals definitely deserve death. Although the death penalty is considered inhumane by a lot of people, the death penalty is sometimes the only way to punish the criminals and prevent their evil acts: a cold-blooded poisoning, or the murder of a helpless child, or a mass shooting in school.
When the cost of something is too high, human changes his behavior; The same logic applies to the criminals. If potential criminals know that they will be put to death, they are much less inclined to commit murder, and those who were committing murder would ultimately spare that victim’s life. Recent investigations constantly demonstrate a strong negative correlation between executions and murder…

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