The Death Penalty Is Cruel Or Unusual Punishment? Essay

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People would disagree with this fact as they argue that the death penalty is still an inhumane way to die. This claim is made due to the fact that when the execution takes place, sometimes the operation would go wrong. This incident could range from missing the vein or to technical malfunctions with electrocution. An example of this unfortunate incident occurred in Oklahoma. On April 29th, 2014, Clayton Darell Lockett was supposed to be executed through the use of lethal injection. The execution failed and “It took 43 minutes for Lockett to die after given a lethal injection during which time he was subjected to violent convulsions and suffered a massive heart attack leading to his death” (Haugh 1). The aftermath left many people to be devastated by the result stating that the actions of those doctors that failed to inject the needle correctly caused the 8th Amendment to be broken. The 8th Amendment stated that the federal government outlaws cruel or unusual punishment. In this case, the painful and slow death of Lockett can be deemed as a form of cruel punishment. In the past, “an early form of execution methods were tying all four separate ropes to four large animals and sending them off into different directions so their limbs can be torn apart” (Crime Museum 1). This took hours to kill the criminals. As time went by, some countries such as France began to change their death penalty and developed new innovations like the guillotine as a swift mechanism to execute people.…

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