The Death Penalty Is Cruel And Unusual Punishment Essay

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Firstly, the death penalty is a punishment that strikes fear into potential murderers. Before committing a crime, the fear of being punished with death is likely a factor that makes them reconsider what they are going to do. The Washington Post author Robert Tanner reports, “[e]ach execution deters an average of 18 murders” (Par. 10). One execution to stop eighteen murders from occurring is an astounding number of innocent lives being saved. Since the 1976 Supreme Court case, 1,436 executions could have saved 25,848 more lives from being lost (“Executions by Year”). Second, capital punishment cannot be considered a cruel and unusual punishment. In movies and television, when a prisoner is sentenced to death, they are often executed with electric chairs or guillotines. In real life, this is not the case. When an inmate on death row is executed, it is now by lethal injection. Lethal injection is carried out using a process of three drugs, one to render the inmate unconscious, a second to induce paralysis which in turn stops his breathing, and finally a third which stops the heart from beating (“Description of Execution”). During each step of the injection process the prisoner’s consciousness is monitored to ensure that he is feeling no pain. Lethal injection is humane as opposed to methods such as the electric chair where the inmate is conscious and exposed to 500 to 2000 volts of electricity until the heart stops beating. In addition to this, the Supreme Court has decided…

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