Essay about The Death Penalty Is Cruel And Unusual Punishment

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Death Penalty Imagine a man being arrested for murder. He was found near the scene and did not have a great reason for being there. He was taking into custody to be question and he swore that he did not murder the victim. He was later found guilty of murder and was given the death penalty. The man was put to death with the family of the victim watching. A few months later the government found out that the man they put to death was not guilty. The death penalty is a cruel and unusual punishment that can cause people that are falsely accused to be put to death. The death penalty is wrong, because the cost to execute someone, the risk of the person being innocent, and the technology that is used in the process. First, the death penalty is very costly. It takes away the chance to use the money for more important causes, such as cancer research and a chance to lower the debt of the country. The average cost of an execution is $2.4 million (“Statistic Brain”). That is a lot of money for just one execution. Since 1976 there has been 1,392 executions in the United States (“Statistic Brain”). Just imagine how much money we would be able to use for other causes if the death penalty was abolished. For example, in California the current system costs $137 million per year and without the death penalty the system would cost around $11.5 million per year (“Death Penalty Cost”). The individual states or the country as a whole could save a tremendous amount of money if the death penalty…

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