Essay about The Death Penalty Is An International Phenomenon

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The annihilation of a person after they have convicted a crime against their society’s morals and beliefs has been an international phenomenon for hundreds of years. However, modern day beliefs have been altered and since then has developed quarrelsome conversations between society members. Though the death penalty proves to be somewhat controversial, Koch claims it gives the due process to victims of such corruption in a less exploitative way. Koch’s first controversial point is that the death penalty seems barbaric in modern day time. As quoted in the Georgetown Law Journal, “punishment is a uniquely cultural phenomenon, and that is no less true when the punishment is death” (Gibson and Lain, 2015, p. 1252). Having a position like U.S. Congressman from New York and eventually becoming Mayor of New York, Edward I. Koch had to pay special attention to major issues like capital punishment. Koch’s early years consisted of moving to different states when times were hard, fighting in the war as part of the U.S. Army, and attending Law School at New York University. While he was away at Law School, he found “that I enjoyed the give-and-take of politics” which supports his interest in debating something so controversial as the death penalty and why he had such a passionate few for the criminal justice system (Koch, 1983, p. 5). Up until 1978, Koch campaigned for Mayor of New York more than once and found himself failing to take the position. He fought for such a credible…

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