The Death Penalty Is A Failed Experiment Essay

1397 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
THE DEATH PENALTY According to Von Drehle in his article “Bungled executions, Backlogged courts, and three more reasons the modern Death Penalty is A Failed Experiment”, since 1977 a total of 1,437 human beings have been killed by the government, all in the name of an unjust and cruel punishment known as the capital punishment. Since humans are error-prone, the chances of executing an innocent person for a crime he or she did not commit can never be eliminated. Human life is delicate and can never be restored once taken away. a lot of people in support of the death penalty argue that a person that is wicked and heartless enough to watch the life drain out of a fellow human being’s eyes and derives pleasure in it also deserves to die. If we think critically about this issue, we will come to realize that sentencing a person to death as a punishment for committing murder does not teach the murderer a good enough lesson because he or she will already be dead before the lesson is learned, neither does it discourage potential murderers from killing people. Countless amount of evidence has proven that the capital punishment is an ineffective and inhumane punishment that should no longer be a tool used by the U.S Justice System to fight crime. Executions have not in any way reduced homicide rate. The whole point of the death penalty is to punish a person and discourage others from committing such crimes. The…

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