Death Penalty Essay On Life

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Life or Death Imagine you are sitting anxiously in that electric chair one breath away from dying and knowing you are innocent. This happens way too frequently in America and the government needs to open up their eyes and realize what is happening. This is changing many families and people’s lives from a slip-up from the government. Quite frankly, human lives should not be taken for granted and end as a “slip up.” Human lives are way more superior for this to keep happening. Anyways, Capital Punishment is executing someone who committed a severe crime. The Death Penalty has been an extremely heavy issue over the years and even decades. People are either specifically for or against Capital Punishment. Executing these criminals is an inhumane …show more content…
Since people are particularly for or against the Death Penalty, those people against it have very strong opinions about it. Since some are strongly against it, it may cause people to act out and could even stir about something as extreme as a riot or along those lines. If we ever want the world to be at peace, we need to stop aggressive brutal acts such as these. It can only escalate the violence if we do not bring this to a close. To be specific, in many people’s views the Death Penalty is seen to violate the cruel and unusual punishment clause in the Bill of Rights. (“Death Penalty”). America is shifting because the Government is going against such important values that are very vital to a lot of people. We don’t want to live in a world full of hatred and where violence is accepted. As a society we need to change our ways and move on from the “eye for an eye” method and adjust. In contrast, other countries besides the US who oppose Capital Punishment as well now have a very negative view of the US. If it was abolished, more people in and out of the US would have a better judgment. We should have positivity and less cruelty and that should be the government’s objective as well for an improved country. Nonetheless, that cannot happen without making these

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