Abolishment Of The Death Penalty By Costanzo

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Costanzo reports his liberal views about the death penalty to the general public. Not only does the author address the costs and consequences, but also his opinion as to why the death penalty is not the best way to seek justice throughout the book. The author, however, provides useful information with regards to the length from the moment defendants are sentenced to the minute they are executed. The book, in general, is intended for those who are curious about those who are against the death penalty and later use the information obtained to provide a debatable argument. Costanzo uses history to back up his claims with regards to how cruel the death penalty has been in the past. The source is useful because it brings up some of the legal fees that results in the criminal justice system during a death penalty case, for the author favors the abolishment of the death penalty all because of the notion that too much money is being spent.

Cox, Paulus and Garvin reports the relationship between overcrowding and the housing conditions that prisoners face in a day to day basis. The extent of overpopulation plays a role in every inmate, for inmates have a tendency to have a healthy or unhealthy
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In addition, the book provides the general public with how the death penalty was originated. The authors asserts the reader about how controversial the topic is by providing a timeline from the very first day capital punishment was implemented. The source is useful because it indicates more information about how effective the death penalty is, for Henderson and Flander provides his prop death penalty point of view effectively. The use of Henderson’s and Flander’s source helps further educate readers of why the subject is so problematic in the eyes of politicians today and gives readers examples of death penalty cases as

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