The Death Penalty And Punishment Essay

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The death penalty, is it actually doing something to change the world we have today? Do we have a right as human beings to decide whether to take another human beings life? What makes the state so pure that it has the right to take a life? “Looking at the record of government throughout history, so often operating with deception, cruelty and greed, so often becoming masters of the citizens they are supposed to serve” (qtd. in Meehan). The death penalty was first established in the eighteenth century where in a person could be killed for doing 25 different crimes (Death Penalty Information Center). But even then the death penalty was still considered a problem among the people. In 1767, Cesare Beccaria’s essay “On Crimes and Punishment” gave a strong impact throughout the world when he theorized that there was no justification for the states taking of a life (Part I: History). However, that was not the end of the death penalty, considering the fact that it still continues to be a controversy today. The death penalty is not effective and should be abolished due to its inhumane ways. The death penalty as a means of deterring of crimes being done has been around for as long as I can remember. There are many different ways of execution that have been done, be it hanging, beheading, electrocution, lethal injection, gas chambers, or being shot by a firing squad. All this I have learned because it is a part of history, I cannot remember a time in my history class wherein there is…

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