The Death Penalty And Capital Punishment Essay

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Kill the Death Penalty The death penalty, or capital punishment, started being used in America when settlers first came. Support to end the death penalty slowly started to rise since these colonial times. The first sign of traverse was in Pennsylvania during 1793 when “ capital punishment was reserved for offenses that were deemed more brutal because they involved premeditation”(Cooper). Reserving the death penalty for only premeditated crimes certainly is a start to the rise against capital punishment. Before, public hanging was “mandatory for a number of crimes”(Cooper). The death penalty being reserved for more brutal offenses decreases the use of it. Slowly, but surely, citizens started to go against the cruel and unusual punishment that is the death penalty. Hangings would sometimes slowly decapitate or strangle the victim instead of quickly breaking the neck and killing them. Riots were not uncommon at public hangings because of this. (Jost) Capital punishment only covers a small part of criminal cases in current day America, yet it wastes so many resources. In 99% of cases that involve murder, there will not be executions. (Jost) The death penalty sentences and kills innocent people, does not deter killings, and costs too much for the little it does. Use of the death penalty should not be continued in the United States. Although the death penalty is still composed of a significant amount of supporters, the number of them is dropping. The rest of the world removed…

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