The Death Of William Shakespeare 's Macbeth Essay

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Wait For It is about waiting out any problems that might have arisen. The song, sung by vice president Aaron Burr’s character, is all about waiting for one’s chance to come as opposed to taking control and taking a chance on their own. Prior to Banquo’s death, “it is concluded. [Banquo’s soul is] flight/If it find heaven, must find it out tonight” (III.i.146-147). In other words, Macbeth is claiming that night is the night in which Banquo’s life is to end. if his soul is to go to heaven, that is when it will happen. According to Macbeth, his “death doesn’t discriminate/Between the sinners/And the saints/It takes and it takes and it takes” (40-42). Referring to the death of Banquo, how he died will not determine whether or not he was a noble man. Although Macbeth continues his journey to seize the throne, Macbeth “keeps winning anyway/[Macbeth] changes the game/he plays and he raises the stakes” (86-89). Macbeth changes the game in the sense that he goes after his own friend in order to get what he wants. Before Banquo is murdered, he “laughs and [he] cries/and [he breaks]/and he [makes his] mistakes” (12-14). Despite the fact that Banquo’s life could be ending soon, he stays as positive as he can and continues living his life as usual.
Track 2: Insignificant by Counting Crows Insignificant is about wanting to leave a legacy behind and find one’s way into power. Lady Macbeth is strong and ruthless. She will do whatever it takes to get her husband on the throne. Her…

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