Essay about The Death Of Tupac Shakur

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Tupac Shakur as a 17 year-old black male before his rise to fame as a rapper, songwriter and actor is recorded expressing his ideas of social equality. He shares that instead of more reading, writing and arithmetic there should be classes about drugs, real sex education, scams, religious cults, police brutality, class apathy, racism in America, why people are hungry, he continues and states that the things that helped him are things he learned from his mother and off the streets (, 1988). Tupac never finished high school and before the age of twelve he lived in multiple homeless shelters, but this did not stop him from rising to fame and fortune only to be reported shot and killed at the age of 25. Many see him as someone that represented the “thug life” and others consider him to be a revolutionary (Monjauze, Cox, & Robinson, 2008). The University of California of Berkerley has an entire course that is dedicated to studying his poetic legacy, which after taking this course youth found themselves reflecting more empathetically to others, (Poems of the Late Tupac Shakur To Be at University of California at Berkely, 1997).
The Hispanic student and Black young student mentioned earlier live in two different decades and yet they both did not and are not receiving equitable education. These two examples are not extensive enough to support the argument that cultural capital and educational gaps are affecting social mobility but they do give some incite…

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