The Death Of The Young Essay

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When the reaper snuffs out a life he takes with him many things. Some of the many things that death takes are the hopes for that person to do something amazing in this world, the connections that the deceased person has made throughout their life, and lastly the knowledge collected throughout the life of that person. Age has a huge role to play with death because with deaths of different ages come different feelings of loss. The death of the young (usually between 0-18 years old) carries a tremendous feeling of wasted potential; however, when an elder dies (someone who has lived 65 years or more) tons of information about our history is erased from this world never to be passed along to future generations. These points are just the tip of the iceberg on why age is a major influence on the impact that lost life has on society. Although the loss of any life burdens society, the deaths of the young and the old members of society create the biggest impact. A key point that is detrimental to this topic is an understanding of what makes the death of these people in these specific age ranges so important to society. The young are members of society who have yet to contributed much to society. This may beg the question, why should their death be weighted more than working adults who contribute to society? It is because, they are the future. The death of the young leads to the loss of this future potential. The National Institutes of Health 's Dr. Jonathan Kaltman spoke specifically…

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