The Death Of The Woods By Fredrick Douglas Essay

708 Words Mar 9th, 2016 3 Pages
He knows that is grandmother has passed away because her masters had taken her to the woods to “live” out the rest of her days. With someone being that old and unable to properly care for themselves, this is practically murder at this time in age. Just for this section, Fredrick Douglas writes in present tense because he wants his audience, at the time this was mainly directed at northerners, to see and feel like they were with his dying grandma. An intense appeal to Pathos and perhaps the most touching seen throughout the duration of this text. Without physically being able to witness his grandmother’s death, he and all those who knew her realized what fate would soon befall the old and withered woman. Supposedly this was a merciful death for a slave at the time, although it was almost no different from being shot. This “gift” of being able to starve to death in a shack in the woods is due to his grandmother having raised two generations of their maters and caring for them till they passed away. Fredrick Douglas describes this whole event as if the cruel people who put her in this situation will soon get what is coming to them, a type of revenge writing. I believe this question can best be answered with two parts. Fredrick Douglas’s rise out of slavery can be attributed to moving to Baltimore and becoming and educated induvial. One had near instant perks while the other often threated his wellbeing and was developed over time. Living in the city had many positive aspect…

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