The Death Of The Vietnam War Essay

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Ever since the first incident of flag burning occurred in the United States, it has been heavily debated whether or not one has the right to desecrate the country’s stars and stripes. Today, it is within the law to burn the flag as a form of expression. It has not always been that way. Once the Vietnam War started, many people protesting the war demonstrated their hatred for the country’s actions by burning the national flag. This led to the action becoming a federal offense, anyone committing such crimes subject to penalty (Whitman). This law changed, however, as late in the 1900 's, a man named Gregory Lee Johnson was convicted for burning the flag during a Republican Convention. Although he was initially convicted, the Supreme Court later decided that the freedom of expression permits him to burn the flag. Ever since that court case, the freedom of expression has defended the burning of flags, not enabling the government to prosecute those who do so (Whitman). The Supreme Court struck down any attempt that Congress made to protect the flag, including the Flag Protection Act of 1989, stating it infringed on expressive conduct granted to the people through the First Amendment (Texas v. Johnson). Still, many people think the Supreme Court has made the wrong decision in this case. They believe there should be an amendment made to prevent the burning of the flag of the United States, as they believe it is an extremely unpatriotic act that is be offensive to many Americans.…

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