The Death Of The Victim Essay

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The term victim-precipitated homicide refers to those killings, which the victim is a direct, positive precipitator of the incident. Victim-precipitated homicide is, therefore, an act of suicide and the term refers to those incidents in which an individual, determined on self-destruction, engages in a calculated life-threatening criminal incident in order to force a police officer or another individual to kill him or herself (Parent, 1996). Victim-Precipitated Homicide - 1958 Study of homicide in Philadelphia found it was not unusual for a victim of a homicide to have been involved in the events that resulted in death. The victim may have started the event that resulted in a death (Wolfgang, 1957).
The person who begins a verbal altercation could cause another person to negatively respond, either verbal or physical. When a person is intentionally or unintentionally provoked a negative reaction could occur, due to an action caused by another person. This action is referred to as situational rage. However, should the action (provoking) continue, the situational rage turns into accumulated rage. Accumulated rage is internal built up anger that will soon be released, normally in a physical manner. The table is then turned, the predator now becomes the prey and the prey become the predator (Adler et at., 2013).
Both 'situational rage ' and 'accumulated rage ' are connected to a victim precipitated homicide. For example, a young couple recently marries and all is going well,…

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