Essay on The Death Of The United States

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When Ashna’Beah first came along I was already four months pregnant. My breathing partially off, feet swollen to the ankles, waddling around like a penguin. I didn’t like her because she was actually really pretty. She had a large nose but for the most part, her full lips and burnt orange colored eyes made me overly jealous; made me feel insecure. She wasn’t so attractive to the point that it made her unapproachable but her looks just made you wonder what she was doing in a place like this. I later found out that her boyfriend had been smuggling drugs and she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I felt sorry for her because she just didn’t fit. Like a rose growing from cracks in the cement in the ghetto, or a newborn baby being born in a prison hospital. We were on the west wing of the prison in C Block; one floor from death row. Sometimes when the elevator went out the prisoners being put to death would be walked through our hall. The looks on their faces would always seem so broken. Completely unexplained Ashna would beg to sit with them on their last days. When she came back she would sleep until the day they were brought out to breathe their last breath. Upon knowing that, she would stand by the cell gate and crane her neck to see them leave, with her hand stretched out to touch them as they passed by. It irritated me but they seemed to not mind at all. I thought she was insane the first time I saw her do it. She seemed to like being close to…

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