The Death Of The United States Essay

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Files were scattered over Aradia’s rusty bed. She’d read over the dossier several times trying to focus on each individual. She was still weak from the Ganzfeld treatment she’d endured earlier. The drugs Tatiana had given Aradia would make her mind stronger, opening up her third eye a little more. She just had to wait for her body to recover.
How long Aradia had until the Doctors realised the files were missing she couldn’t say, but time wasn’t on her side. Whatever this project entailed, it seemed top secret and she guessed extremely illegal. The Doctors wouldn’t want their work exposed. If Tatiana was right and this was a military operation, then Doctors could be paranoid that a spy from another country was intending on leaking their advanced research.
Aradia picked up a file that kept catching her eye, a woman named Vera Bukina. Forty-seven years old, she’d birthed five children and was also of Russian nationality. Her documents described her as dangerous and psychotic. This didn’t deter Aradia, the Doctors misjudged people.
Bukina’s files also expressed her skill for remote viewing and Cyberkinesis. Aradia had no idea what Cyberkinesis was, a term she’d never heard before. Yet the curious powers Vera Bukina possessed weren’t what attracted Aradia to her, but instead the photograph attached.
She was an average looking, middle-aged woman who was slightly overweight with soft facial features and even softer brown hair. Her eyes were calming and welcoming, rebelling…

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