The Death Of The United States Essay example

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I stumble out of bed and splash cold water on my flushed face. It’s early in the morning and the wind is still, i can hear the birds chirping in the blossomed trees, for once I woke up feeling normal and then reality hit me like a rock. Mama is still asleep, I brush my teeth with the toothbrush my sister Hudda and I have been sharing for the past two weeks. I wait until they let us out of our houses so we can go down to the grocery store and pick a few things up for mama, she had needed milk and oat but they haven’t let us out of our houses for three days due to the incident with the soldiers that we had to suffer for. There had been an argument between two of the soldiers and they took out their anger on us by raising our curfew. It has been really hard for me and my family, I wish I could have a normal life where I could go outside whenever I wanted to, but that is not the case for life in Palestine. When the rest of my family wake up, Baba and the rest of us rush down to the grocery store. Mama had to stay with Grandmother Layla, she was getting more sick everyday. Ever since my Grandfather passed away it has been hard for her to get over it, she seems more sadder everyday, and she is coming closer and closer to death. She was taken away from her home in Jerusalem right after my Grandfather passed away. She would go on and on about how she wanted the soil from her holy olive tree, and how the soldiers wouldn’t let her keep a pinch of soil from her beloved garden she had…

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