Essay about The Death Of The United States

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The United States is a country founded and governed by democracy, as the leading country in the world, many of us like to pride ourselves as the greatest, even if we know we’re far from perfect, but we certainly have many good aspects. Unfortunately, many of the controversial issues here have Americans split. One in particular I want to make an argument about is the death penalty. Since the beginning of the human recorded history, people who had committed a serious enough crime would, not always, go through a trial and should they be found guilty would lose their life as punishment. From different countries and eras, the death sentenced usually the execution would be slow and painful, torturous to the bitter end. America is no different, as a country that some would say is still very young, we have our own history with it, since the beginning. It has been a favorable sentence among civilization but there have also always been oppositions, but it was in the 50’s and 60’s when a substantial number of people protest, they were successful in making the execution more humane. It’s has though countless variations from the Supreme Court, depending on the public view of the penalty, depending on the era, but the time is now that we, as the proud nation that we are, should consider banning the death penalty.
America already spends too much money on taxes, I think we can agree on that, and paying for the death penalty is a burden in it of itself. Because the whole process of it tends…

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