The Death Of The United States Essay

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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are the three well-known powerful words in the Declaration that are given to all human beings (Jefferson). Yet, they are taken away the moment you step foot inside a prison. Locking away inmates for life, for nonviolent crimes should not be upright. Withdrawing pointless money from tax payers is absurd.
The Declaration of Independence states that the government should protect unalienable rights. How is life protected in prison when they literally take it away? In what way is liberty protected when they lock someone up twenty-four hours, twenty-three if you are lucky enough, a day for the rest of your life? Last but not least, Pursuit of Happiness.
The United States is known for being the land of the free, yet it has the largest incarceration rate than any other country. About 2.3 million people are locked up in prisons and jails all around the United States (Sentencing Project). The prison population has increased tremendously over the past few years. But why are so many Americans serving time? A reason might be that we are giving them way to long sentences for minor offenses they have done. Another huge reason why so many people are in prisons is because of the ‘’War on Drugs’’. In the early 1970’s, President Richard Nixon declared war on drugs saying that drugs are our biggest enemy(Nixon).That is why from that day forward they have made an effort to target people for drug dealing and drug possessing. The United States is so…

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