The Death Of The Teacher Essay example

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In knowing the answer to the next question my hand shot up so fast I could feel the blood rush down my fingertips and through my arm. As I waited in anticipation to be called on, I recited the answer over and over again in my head. The teacher soon acknowledged my raised hand and looked over at me and said “Emily.” The class looked around in confusion knowing fully well that was not my name. The teacher had two more guesses to go, let 's see which one she is going to choose next. “I mean Sarah” the teacher said with cheeks almost as red as a stop sign. Wrong again, I thought, at least there was only one more option now. But seeing her struggle, I decided I should probably put her out of her misery and just tell her my name, “It’s Melissa” I said. A few minutes pass by and I am now at lunch. The smell of overcooked lasagna fills the air. I can see someone I know so well, Sarah, talking to a person I did not recognize. I tried to listen to their conversation, but I kept getting get bits and pieces from a group of girls next to me. “Sally likes who.” “No! we look nothing like each other!” “Supposedly she kissed him on Saturday.” “No we do not have any telepathy or super powers!” “Stop, Sally did not.” “Yes! We like different thing we are not attached at the hip!” Sarah began to search the crowded lunch room and finally found me. Now, I am listening to this conversation so intently, I did not realized that the person I did not know was staring straight at me. It was obvious…

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